Shed A Little Light on Dating

Hey guys,


I just wanted to touch briefly on one of the purest forms of meeting a girl. It’s the scariest way to meet girls for a lot of guys, but it’s also one of the most effective.

I’m talking about  meeting girls in broad daylight. On the street. With no introduction. No mutual friend. No obvious shared interest. Many in dating science call it day game. In my books, it’s one of the easiest ways to meet woman – and easily among the most enjoyable.

I’ve seen the faces of so many women light up with the surprise, intensity and joy of a meeting with a random stranger on the street while she is on her way to work, returning from lunch, or in some other mundane situation. After all, it’s every woman’s hidden fantasy that their white knight will randomly appear out of nowhere and sweep them off their feet and lead them to a better life.

In reality, day game can take place anywhere – in a café, a bookstore, a restaurant, etc. But the impact is greatest in the places women would least expect to be approached – on the subway or bus, walking down the sidewalk, or waiting to cross the street.

This type of day game sheds light on the entire art of meeting women. You can’t use the false courage of booze, you can’t hide in the darkness of a club. It’s just you. And her.

Surprisingly, this type of direct day game is also the easiest to learn. Here are a few tips:

1 – Go direct. Ignore much of the orthodox dating advice and tell her right off that she captivated you with her looks. “I saw you from across the street and I was just compelled to come talk to you,” you could say. “You are gorgeous.”

2 – Qualify her  moments after you meet her. “So, I was just wondering if there’s a personality underneath there to match the looks,” is an example of a decent qualifying line.

3 – Use a time constraint. Women will probably be on their way somewhere when they’re out on the street (if they’re not on their way somewhere, they’re probably not the kind of women you’d want to meet anyway!). So mention that you don’t have much time. It will help ease their concern that you would take up too much of their time.  But do this only after you’ve initiated the conversation – not at the beginning.

Remember that meeting women through cold direct approaches on the street in the middle of the day is the purest, most unadulterated form of picking up a woman. Realize that the first few approaches take some guts. But also realize that, once you do your first such approach, you have shown that you have more balls than most guys will ever have.

Be the white knight,